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Susan Zeme has represented employers since 1989. She assists with all of the legal aspects of having employees, from pre-employment inquiries to post-termination lawsuits. Susan helps employers understand what the complex and sometimes perplexing employment laws require of them, and how to successfully work within those laws. Susan helps clients avoid expensive, frustrating and time consuming lawsuits brought by employees, by handling challenging employee situations properly.

Susan Zeme is an employment attorney for businesses.  She assists employers with the inevitable issues and problems that confront every business with employees: Employee contracts, policies and handbooks, correctly hiring and terminating employees, avoiding discrimination and harassment claims, handling sensitive situations such as medical accommodations, harassment claims and leaves of absence situations properly, and defending both administrative claims and litigation in the state and federal courts. Susan works to prevent problems from escalating, and to save employers stress, time and money.

Susan has practiced law since 1989, when she graduated from U.C. Hastings College of the Law in San Francisco. After receiving several years of training and experience working at large law firms, Susan started her own practice. She uses her extensive experience representing employers to help clients run their businesses more smoothly, by untangling the complex web of employment laws.


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